Synergy Events want even more Martin RUSH MH3

Posted on Thursday, February 20th, 2014

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Tan Huynh of Synergy Events is so impressed with his eight new Martin Rush MH3 fixtures he is already making plans to buy more. Synergy Events supplies lighting for Crown Casino venues, such as Studio 3 photographed.

“We were looking for an inexpensive, mid-range beam light and the RUSH MH3 is the ideal solution,” commented Tan. “They are very fast and the output is great. You can never have enough beam action!  At least with Martin you’re buying a reputable brand. We’ve really pushed our RUSH MH3’s to give them a good workout and we’ve found no faults in them.”

Synergy Events also own plenty of Pro Shop Blinder Bars and Quad Colour Multipars.

“The Blinder Bars have a nice Tungsten look and you can do much more with them than a molefay” said Tan. “Also, you don’t need to have a dimmer which is fantastic. The Quad Colour Multipars are just solid, reliable and are very bright”

Synergy Events also purchased a couple of Look Solutions Unique hazers which are pushed extremely hard.

“They are run up to 30 hours a week and just keep going,” remarked Tan.

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