Sydney Sound Relief

Posted on Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

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Like it’s counterpart in Melbourne, the Sydney Sound Relief concert was a resounding success helping to raise millions of dollars for the bushfire appeal. Held at the Sydney Cricket Ground, highlights of the show included Coldplay teaming up with John Farnham and an amazing set by the Presets.

The event was made possible by the generosity of many people including production companies such as Chameleon Touring Systems, crews and touring personnel. The whole event came together in just two weeks with JPS providing production management.

The lighting for the show was not designed per se but rather it was designed around what was available.

“Every piece of equipment was only made available by the generosity of the production companies involved,” remarked Paul Collison, lighting programmer for the Sydney show. “The Chameleon crew was fantastic.”

The lighting featured an all-encompassing backdrop of fifty-six Martin LC Panels particularly useful as most of the broadcast was during the day and the LC Panels enabled the stage to take on a variety of looks during the entire ten hour broadcast.

“The rig contained some Vari-lites as well as twenty-seven Martin MAC2000 washes which helped fill out the stage during the day whilst at night they wiggled around and changed colour in time to the music!” said Paul. “There were a dozen Pulsar Chromabanks situated to the sides of the stage for those really oblique camera angles and helped to contain the stage. We also had fourteen Martin Atomic Strobes.”

Out front there were two grandMA consoles; one for video and one for lighting. Fortunately all but one of the touring lighting designers was familiar with the grandMA. Content for the LC Panels came from an ArKaos Media Master.

Followspots were two Robert Juliat Cyrano’s and two Aramis’ throwing an amazing 150 metres and still cutting it on stage. Atmospherics came from two Look Solutions Vipers and two Unique Hazers.