Sydney Olympic Park awash in LED

Posted on Friday, September 14th, 2012


The Sydney Olympic Park Authority is on a mission to bathe the events precinct in a sea of coloured lighting to mark special events. Con Andrews of Beyond AV has supplied them with four Studio Due Dual 800 high-power LED wall washes to aid in the task. The Dual 800 RGBW is a very robust and reliable product with an IP66 rating.

Thanks to the high luminous flux generated, the Studio Due Dual 800 is suitable to light up big façades and wide surfaces such as the ANZ Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park.

“We wanted to add some extra colour to the area to add to the atmosphere,” commented Craig Gilliver, Public Events Manager at SOPA. “I knew about Studio Due CityColors but when I started to ask around about fixtures a few companies recommended I look at the Studio Due LED fixtures. Several suppliers – independent of each other – recommended them.”

The Studio Due Duel 800 fixtures are in cases so they can be used in a variety of places within the precinct. The Dual 800 fixtures have been particularly effective when positioned on top of ANZ Stadium to light up the area underneath the eastern grandstand.

“It’s the part of the stadium that people see as they arrive by train or bus,” added Craig. “On a big game day we’ll also use our eighteen Pro Shop LED Honeycombs (supplied by Be Productions) to light up the train station in the home team colour. They have been great and cast a bold light. When we used them for the Bledisloe Cup they looked amazing in gold, the station was just glowing gold. I was worried that the gold wouldn’t be effective enough but it really came up punchy.”

On leaving the station the coloured light theme can continue via the in-ground Pulsar MR16 LED lights – again supplied by Beyond AV – set into the paving of Railway Square. These lead to the final destination of ANZ Stadium where coloured light and animated projection act as a beacon to the throngs of people.

“The Studio Due Dual 800 fixtures been great,” remarked Craig. “We’ve had them gold for the Wallabies, red for the Swans, blue for the Bulldogs ….. the possibilities are endless.”

Using 128+128 high power LEDs of 5W each incorporated in groups of 4 RGBW and coupled with a quad lens, the Dual 800 RGBW achieves a very high luminous flux as well as optimum colour mixing. For instance, a lens with a medium opening can be used on one head to light up the lower part of a building and at the same time, it is possible to use a narrow lens on the other head to light up the rest of the building.