Suppliers to form Association

Posted on Thursday, October 8th, 2009

A large number of suppliers to the Australian Professional Audio, Lighting, Vision & Staging industries found themselves attending most or all of the 4 independent trade shows held in the months of July and August. It was felt attendance at these shows was down on previous years and there was certainly time for informal discussions in the corridors.

As a result of these conversations, 10 of the larger suppliers wrote an open letter to the industry canvassing interest and opinion regarding meeting to discuss our industry. As a result meetings were held in Melbourne and Sydney, attended by approximately 30 supplier companies with apologies being received from another 10 or so.

At these meetings it was decided to endeavour to form a Peak Body to represent the interests of Australian suppliers to the Professional Audio, Lighting, Vision & Staging market.

This is possibly well over due when you look at other industries around Australia; all of whom seem to have associations to represent their interests. A great example and close to home is the Australian Music Association (AMA) This association has been going for well over 20 years and through a full time secretariat and unpaid committee has provided invaluable assistance, lobbing and promotion for its members and the industry. The AMA runs the AMAC trade show each year. If you look further afield to Europe, where our industry has the Professional Light and Sound Association (PLASA), they have just announced their merging with the Entertainment Services & Technology Association (ESTA) in the USA, forming one very large association representing the interests of its members in Europe and North America.

Both the Melbourne and Sydney meetings felt the formation of a Peak Body to represent our industry was long overdue. Areas where a Peak Body could assist the industry are: standards, approvals, legislation, counterfeiting, gray marketing, market development and associated activities.

During these meetings a large percentage of suppliers indicated they had determined they would not be participating in non-industry trade shows in 2010. They also noted with the merging of technology in our industry and the widening interests of our customers, all would benefit from a larger and more diverse show. It seems some trade show organisers also identified this need and responded with the co-location of SMPTE and Entech in 2011.

Frank Hinton and David Bell have kindly offered to prepare a draft constitution for the proposed Peak Body.

We would ask any supplier or associate who may be interested in hearing more as this develops, or joining such a Peak Body, that they register their interest with Jodie Archer at Jands email:

Please understand this is early days and being coordinated by people with full time jobs, working on a voluntary basis, in a tough economic climate.

The press release came from the ‘Australian Sound Vision and Lighting Product Suppliers’ and the following people put their names to it:

Marc Allen – Roland Corp
Jodie Archer – Jands
Tony Hosking – The Resource Corp
Paul Mulholland – Jands
Durham Ritchie – Bytecraft Entertainment
Peter Twartz – Jands
Tony Hambling – Murray Tregonning Ass’
Phil Langley – AMX
Shane Bailey – National Audio Systems
Graham Barrett – AMX
Chris Cumming – National Audio Systems
David Bell – Syntec
Frank Andrewartha – Group Technologies and Quest Engineering
Michael Sloss – Syntec
Ken Dwyer – Audio Products Group
Duncan Fry – ARX
Richard Neale – Audio Products Group
Graeme Stevenson – Production Audio Services
Chris Dellenty – Bosch Security Systems
Steve Devine – Meyer Sound
Mark Amory – Yamaha Music Australia
Rick Chisholm – LSW
Peter Trojkovic – CMI Music and Audio
Emanuel Maniatis – LSW
Julie Hinton – ATT Audio Controls
Emmaniel Ziino – Show Technology
Frank Hinton – ATT Audio Controls
Dom Waters – Bose
Dave Letson – Riedel
Greg Cato – Major Music
Ian Wood – Design Quintessence
Anthony Russo – TAG
Travers Falkiner – Classic Audio Designs