Summertime’s A Breeze For CCP Thanks To Jands HPC Dimmers

Posted on Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

As usual Perth’s Concert & Corporate Productions has had a very busy summer with many tours and festivals passing through the region. Fortunately for general manager Sean McKernan CCP had geared up for the season by purchasing eight Jands HPC12 dimmers.

The HPC12 continues the Jands tradition of building rugged and reliable dimmers and provides an innovative solution for all dimming and power control needs. The HPC12 with AirGap™ technology integrates both dimming and high current full-on and full-off contactor type elements on each channel to deliver true, any load performance.

“Basically we run them as 48 way racks so you can tell them to be dimmer or distro instead of sending out mixed racks of dimmers and distros,” explained Sean. “Now we can just send out one rack and any channel can be anything we require. The versatility is great, you just put the rack out and tell any channel what you want it to be. It makes life so much easier and quicker for our crew.”

Sean comments that CCP’s HPC12 rack is certainly their number one rack and first choice for any job that they take on.

“They have been absolutely reliable during the six months that we’ve had them,” added Sean. “CCP have been long time users of the Jands HP12 dimmers which have always been rock solid. In fact we were quite upset when Jands discontinued them however the HPC12 dimmers are fabulous, we won’t buy anything else.”