Suite Synergy lit with GLP Impression Zooms

Posted on Thursday, April 21st, 2011


After a four-year absence, internationally acclaimed choreographer Graeme Murphy returns to the contemporary dance stage with a striking new production, Suite Synergy.

Suite Synergy, by Mod Dance Company, is a dynamic fusion of dance and drums, where powerful percussion weaves together the dancers’ every movement. Suite Synergy is a high energy and high impact production, that gives Graeme Murphy’s artistic genius a bigger, bolder stage to truly captivate and entertain.

Adrian Sterritt has designed the lighting and set for the production opting for an industrial theme with lots of pipes and straight lines.

“There’s different size pipes hung horizontally across the set,” explained Adrian. “Downstage there is a pipe wall hung over three different lines so we get lots of interesting lighting looks through it. There’s lots of exposed truss too.”

Chameleon Touring Systems supplied the rig of eighteen Martin MAC700 washes, nineteen MAC700 profiles, eighteen MAC2000 performances and twenty GLP Impression zooms.

Either side of the stage are four large booms each holding three MAC2000 performance fixtures. Overhead are the MAC700’s and 10 GLP Impressions whilst the rest are on top of booms.

“I’ve found the Impressions to be really fast and they deliver great saturated colours,” said Adrian. “I was going to use Martin 301 LED fixtures as their zoom is a bit wider but the zoom on the Impression is fine. They’re good and they look great in the air. As a top of the boom side light they’re great, you can get some really nice saturated colours onto the dancers.”

Adrian uses a full size MA Lighting grandMA for control and he can’t wait to get familiar with the MA2 equivalent.

Photos: Michelle Grace Hunder