Subiaco lights up with Studio Due ArchiLEDs

Posted on Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

When Joseph Mercurio took over the reins as Course Coordinator lighting to WAAPA students he promised himself it would be for only five years. Towards the end of last year he kept that promise and left his position to join forces with Perth’s Light Applications in forming another company called Light Source. Light Source will focus on LED lighting offering design, technical and sales support.

“The idea is that when people are thinking of using LED’s for a project they’ll come to me and I’ll help them design the project using my extensive knowledge of LED’s,” explained Joseph. “Then, as I have all of the connections, I can source all of the gear and then help with the installation and programming. Basically I’m there from the beginning to the end.”

One of the first projects Joseph worked on was for Subiaco Council’s Lighting Enhancement Program which aimed to light up some of the area’s prime buildings. Whilst the Council pays for the equipment install and programming, building owners pay for electricity and maintenance. The project began last May with a few buildings lit in white sources something that Joseph thought needed a serious jazzing up.

“I thought why spend all this money if you’re not going to make it really interesting and exciting,” he said. “I thought it should be dramatic and theatrical. I also didn’t see the point of using fixtures that would need a fair amount of maintenance. I suggested the use of LED’s and the council agreed. In fact they have engaged me to revisit the earlier projects to relight them.”

For three of the buildings Joseph decided to use the Studio Due ArchiLED fixtures favouring the facts that they are fully IP rated and have everything required – such as the LED driver and power transformer on board. An IP67 protection rating is achieved by clever design details such as a touch screen to allow the unit to be completely sealed furthermore its stainless steel construction ensures long term reliability in the most harsh of environments.

“I don’t have to worry about having an extra power supply which works well on these installations where everything is easy to get to,” he commented. “Their output is excellent, they’re a great size and their price point is superb. For what they deliver they’re very hard to beat. For installation work, I believe that it doesn’t have to be bright, rather it’s all about contrast ratio.”

Fourteen ArchiLEDs were used on the Rogerson Building, eight on Subi Plaza and eight on the Indian Ocean Group Building.

“With LED products such as the ArchiLEDs you may have to pay up front but then you have long life, no maintenance outgoings, low power consumption and also great functionality which is a real selling point,” said Joseph. “One light can deliver millions of colours.”