Studio Due ArchiLED’s for Wests Ashfield Leagues Club

Posted on Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Wests Ashfield Leagues Club has been busy with a variety of renovations over the past few months including new restaurants and bars. Unfortunately the venue was being let down by it’s all important exterior lighting feature and so this was also revamped.

The previous colour changing lights that were supposed to make a feature of the club’s exterior had became rundown and eventually they had stopped operating. The fixtures they were using had an older style colour change CMY blades system and architectural outdoor rated lighting fixtures. Time has shown that these fixtures require far too much on going maintenance and repair.

Show Technology’s Mark McInnes was approached by Stephen Askins and Greg De Vries of The Saltec Group about this project as the cost for repair of the fixtures was so expensive it had led to the scrapping of the project altogether.

“With the advent of RGBA LED products from Studio Due we were able to completely replace the fittings for the same price as the repair of the existing competitor’s fixtures,” stated Mark. “The Studio Due ArchiLED’s also have many more benefits; a much greater colour spectrum, low heat from the fixture, no lamp changes required, and no moving parts in the fixtures meaning greatly reduced maintenance requirements. Also, being smaller fixtures they were easier to fit and their DMX capability allowed us to use the existing DMX playback system. Plus the club can enjoy greatly reduced power consumption from the LED’s over the discharge lamps.”

A total of seven Studio Due ArchiLED compact yet powerful 3watt LED fixtures were installed. The unit is IP rated to 66 allowing for full outdoor use in all conditions. The face of the unit has a simple touch panel allow us to access preset programs or for DMX address changes. As well as Red, Green and Blue LED’s it also has 1Watt AMBER LED’s. This allows the fixture a greater range of colour output and creates more flexibility in its possible applications.

“The LED fixtures are much more efficient than the older style outdoor blasters, this project is now running off 30% of the power of the previous fixtures, and in today’s environment I think this is really important,” commented Stephen Askins. “The colours available to us, with the added amber LED’s, really allows us to make the display very dynamic. Basically, they’re just a great little light and I believe that Studio Due has nailed it with this one, it’s so easy to use and install.”