Strand Lighting S21 LED Raceway

Posted on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Philips Strand Lighting introduces the S21 LED Raceway, a configurable power and data distribution system for use with all types of luminaires from LED and moving lights to conventional lighting sources as well.

There are three standard modules: 1) a dual IGBT dimmer for conventional and phase dimmable LED loads (IGBT dimmers can run forward or reverse phase dimming); 2) a dual relay module with power and DMX connectors for use with the PL series; and 3) a Quad power supply for use with other LED luminaires which features auto identification and simple patching.

Each S21 LED Raceway can support any combination of the three modules and may be ordered to specification with a range of hangers for a variety of installation configurations.

Product Features:
–Configurable forward or reverse phase operation to help ensure compatibility with any load including most LED loads.
–Order with any combination of IGBT dual dimmer, dual relay, or Quad LED power supply modules.
–DMX512 In and Out.
–Choice of three power input locations.
–Wide range of load connector options on power modules.
–Simple set up with back lit LCD display.
–Full configuration and set up for low voltage LED luminaires from Philips Selecon and Philips Color Kinetics.
–Quiet, convection cooled operation.
–Hangers available for wall and pipe mount applications.