Strand gear gets the Hi 5

Posted on Monday, November 7th, 2011

Series 13 of the popular children’s show Hi 5 is on air right now having only just finished shooting. Herkes supplied lighting designer Gavin Wright with Strand SPX profiles and Strand 1210 and 0650 dimmers.

“The backgrounds in the show tend to be predominantly a white cyc so it is up to the lighting department to compliment the scenes and fill the background with visual interest,” explained Gavin. “The new Strand SPX Profiles made short work of projecting the shows numerous gobo images onto the cyclorama creating the classic Hi 5 signature looks with ease.

“The Hi 5 segments use a lot of gobos and the lighting crew quickly leapfrogged from set to set setting up different backgrounds so having user friendly fixtures really sped up the process. Globes were changed with ease (even the work experience kid could do it), plus the focus knobs were accessible and easy to slide. The fixture even seamed cooler than others.”

Gavin reports that he found the Strand dimmers very easy to use commenting that he found the 3 phase cable to be super flexible.

“I didn’t have the problem of wrestling with them to get the plugs into outlets and road cases, he said. “With other dimmers the stiff cable provided is an issue as the glands become loose and there is quite a potential for the electrified wires to become rather attracted to the hazardous metal casings.”