State School Spectacular Shines On

Posted on Tuesday, October 25th, 2011


As a big supporter of Government initiatives, PRG was thrilled once again to be involved in the State School Spectacular “Shine On” in September supplying a complete lighting and screen package.

PRG staff and technicians worked in close collaboration with Lighting Designer Paul Jackson and Associate LD/Programmer Robert Cuddon to deliver an exciting, highly visual performance event. Utilising an enormous inventory of moving lights , LED and LC Panels PRG and event organisers transformed Hisense Arena for the event, allowing the individuals and schools involved the opportunity to be a part of a world class production.

As a part of the contract PRG had 3 work experience high school students assigned to them to assist with the prepping of the equipment in the warehouse a week before the show and for a few days during set-up and rehearsals. This was a fantastic opportunity for students interested in the ‘behind the scenes’ elements of shows. We wish these students the best of luck with their future endeavours.

Equipment that helped bring the magic to life included PRG’s new Bad Boys, V676 Console, V476 console backup, and the MBox Extreme Media Server, 22 Mac lll Profiles, 70 Vari Lite 3000 Spots, 35 Vari Lite 3500q Spots, 96 Vari Lite 3500 Washes, 80 Led Multipars, a full kinesys system with 15 motors and 36 LC Panels that are also new to PRG Australias stock as well as numerous other moving lights.

Special thanks to all the PRG crew including crew chief Fergal O’Sullivan, dimmer technician Kylie Towle, moving light technician Rohan Harrison, kinesys operator Andrew Bennett, lighting technicians Al Spiker and  Mic Buric who all worked as show crew and thank-you to all of the rest of the PRG crew who assisted with the 2 days of load-in and the load-out.