Staging Connections purchase Pro Shop LED Outdoor Floods for Crown

Posted on Tuesday, July 5th, 2011


Staging Connections has purchased twenty-five Pro Shop LED Outdoor Flood fixtures for use in two of Crown Casino’s most prestigious venues: Studio 3 and The Palladium.

With the LED Outdoor Flood, both indoor and outdoor applications can benefit from a super bright and super wide output. The unit features 15 x 15w LED clusters which are set into small reflector units; optically it utilizes these reflectors to ensure saturated, mixed and even output resulting in an output style of a flood more than a wash.

“It was time to change over the Griven Kolorados previously used due to high component replacement cost and the sheer size that limited flexibility of use,” said Daniel Leonard, Staging Connections’ ANZPAC Purchasing Officer, Central Procurement. “The LED Outdoor Floods provided a very cost effective solution that gave the desired effect not just for the immediate requirement but gave us an easy one-person mountable product for future production requirements.

“I’m pretty impressed by the output the LED Outdoor Floods have given us, it’s a nice, solid colour wash. They deliver a great stage wash effect in the Palladium.”

Whilst the LED Outdoor Floods are currently being used indoors the fact that they are IP65 rated means that they can be easily and safely be used outdoors to light up the venue.

“It’s certainly a flexible product,” added Daniel “It can do the job it was purchased for and more, quiet with minimal power requirements – a win win situation”.