Stage & Audio Rev Into Gear With Jands Vista

Posted on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Queensland’s Stage & Audio are the proud owners of a Vista T2 and managing director Tim Buchholz is more than a little bit excited by the product.

“I can get a moving light working within eight seconds with the Vista T2!” he declared. “I plug the light in, hit the cue, drag in the number, ask what number it is, put the number where it goes, press intensity and there it is working in eight seconds! I challenge anyone to get a moving light working that quickly – especially when they’re a sound guy like me.”

Tim is keen to point out that the Vista T2’s software can be used by a primary school child all the way through to a professional performing arts venue and everywhere in between!

Stage & Audio also own another popular, more complex brand of lighting console which apparently took Tim’s crew a whole day of training to get a light working.

“I like to compare these two consoles to racing cars; the other brand is an F1 car whilst the Vista T2 is a V8 Supercar,” mused Tim. “The average car-driving person could drive a V8 Supercar – the clutch may be heavy and hard and he may have a bit of grief but he could do it. If he had an F1 he would not be able to drive it – the clutch and gears would be too complex and the steering would be locked to lock in a quarter of a turn. The F1 is a beautiful piece of machinery and would beat the V8 Supercar but not everyone can drive the F1, not everyone can afford the spare parts for the F1, not everyone can afford the purchase price of an F1, not too many people would specify an F1 to do what you need a Commodore for and also, is there the demand for an F1?”

It’s fair to say that Tim is delighted with his V8 – sorry, Vista T2 – especially its plug and play ability. He also points out that with the Vista range there is a wide spectrum of configurations from a Ford Focus up to the V8 Supercar!