St Peters Catholic College invests in X-250 LED Moving Heads

Posted on Thursday, June 28th, 2012

St Peters Catholic College on the Central Coast has purchased six X-250 LED Profile Moving Heads supplied by Lots of Watts. This innovative, cost effective fixture utilizes a 50w white LED to produce an output that rivals some traditional 250w sourced moving heads.

“The X-250 LED Profile Moving Heads from Show Technology fitted right in being a small, cost effective intelligent moving head that is cheap to run,” remarked Jeff Morgan of Lots of Watts.

The X-250 LED Profile Moving Head features a colour wheel, rotatable and indexable gobos, prism and even a remote adjustable focus and you have truly a powerful little fitting, perfect for any number of applications.

Ian Judge, the College’s Performing Arts Teacher, runs the VET school training and has over the years turned what was an indoor sports area into a work room and stage with LX bars, curtains, lighting, PA and video.

“My aim over the years has been to be able to teach the students how to use intelligent lights,” said Ian. “The X-250’s give us the ability to show the students intelligent lighting in use and some of the more advanced students are able to learn how to use them.”

LED units and their low heat means that internal components such as motors and belts do not have to put up with the extreme heat generated by a metal halide lamp. Also bulb replacement is obviously not an issue.

“Not having to replace globes is a huge positive,” added Ian. “I can run the six fixtures out of one GPO and so in terms of dimmer and power distribution that’s great.”

Ian remarks that the X-250 fixtures have been working well and that he has had absolutely no problems with them.

“They’ve been a really good purchase,” he said. “The gobos are great as is the prism effect but most of all they are reliable.”

The X-250’s were used earlier this month for the College’s production of ‘Back to the Eighties’ where two were hung from the front bar and four from the back bar.

“With the two on the front bar we were able to get really good throws and effects onto the cyclorama with the gobos,” explained Ian. “Meanwhile the four on the back bar projected onto the stage and with a light haze, we got some amazing beam shapes and moves swinging out over the audience. Everyone was very impressed.”