Spotlight Presents New LED Lantern with Zoom and Modular Structure

Posted on Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

At PLASA09, the Italian manufacturer Spotlight presented the new MidiLED, a compact 80W RGBW spot with zoom from 12-50 degrees. The product is billed allowing users to create both infinite color combinations for theatre and concerts, as well as the projection of white light with a selection of color temperatures from 2,900 degrees K to over 6,000 degrees K, for photo, cinema, and television applications. The light source’s real life of almost 50.000 hours makes this product particularly suitable in the architectural applications, the company adds.

The single fixture has a modular structure and it can be assembled in line or arrays, depending on one’s needs. Each unit can be used in stand-alone fashion, with preset light shades or dynamic effects; alternatively, it can be controlled through DMX, both to generate color effects, and to select different color temperatures.

The units can be configured in master-slave fashion; an IR remote control allows the user to control more fixtures without the need of a dedicated line.

Source: Lighting & Sound International

Australian Distributor: Jands