Spotlight’s New Mini Display Fixtures Display

Posted on Friday, February 24th, 2012

Italian lighting specialist Spotlight has always paid attention to the efficiency of its luminaires and has now gathered in a special family called “GREEN LINE” a range of LED source luminaires that are characterised both by high optical performance and by genuine energy savings both in the application of the efficient LEDs themselves and through the implementation of clean technologies in the manufacturing process.

Green line fixtures deliver greater lighting efficiency with lower heat emission and ultra long life LED sources making for reduced maintenance cost and reductions in waste generation. LED’s lack the toxic components (mercury, radioactive elements) found in other long life sources and generate almost no dangerous infrared and ultraviolet rays that can damage the very items that are being displayed.

Drawing on Spotlight’s 40 year theatrical experience the latest addition the Green Line family are the ProfiLED 50 ZS and the FresneLED50. As their name suggests these new 50w LED fittings combine conventional Profile Spot and Fresnel design with a range of colour temperature and control options to provide you with a tailored solution for any display lighting application.

Both fixtures are available in warm white (3000 K), Natural white (4000 K) or cool white (5700 K) white light versions depending upon your requirements. Again it is your choice as to whether you need the basic plug in model (operable on mains supplies from 80-240VAC, the dimmable version that can retrofit to existing dimmer systems or the full DMX controlled version that features both local and remote intensity controls. It is even possible to mount the power supply for the fixtures remotely to reduce weight and overall fixture size where required.

Weighing in at just 4.1KG (including the on board power supply) the ProfiLED 50 ZS has all the same basic features as a conventional profile : zoom focus from 20 thru 40 degrees, shutters for precise beam shaping, gobo slot for image projections. Light output is comparable to 300w conventional fixtures with constant colour temperature throughout the dimmed range. ProfiLED 50ZS is the3 perfect solution for table top displays, framed artwork, signage and anywhere precise beam control is required. With the addition of custom gobos ProfiLED 50 ZS is also the perfect image projector for Corporate applications.

FresneLED 50 is a real lightweight at just 2.1KG (including the power supply) with a sensational focus range that starts out as a 12 degree “hotspot” and goes all the way to a 76 degree even flood. FresneLED 50 is available with the same colour temperature and control configuration options as the ProfiLED 50 ZS and perfectly suited to track mounting applications as well. Optional extras include beam shaping barndoors, colour filter frames, floor and or wall mounting bases and standard hooks for truss mounting. Silver and matt black are standard finishes and a White and other RAL colours are available with lead time and some minimum order quantities applying.

So when you are looking to bring a little theatrical flair to your next display lighting project incorporate some true Italian style and consider the ProfiLED 50ZS and the FresneLED 50 from Spotlight and do your bit for the environment and your budget at the same time.

Australian distributor: Jands