Special Project Request

Posted on Thursday, February 26th, 2009

In October 2009, Forefront Productions is teaming up with the church that their managing director Nick Burns personally attends in Newcastle to help makeover a church / community hall in Sri Lanka.

As part of our commitment, Forefront will be sending a team to fly over and install an audio, lighting and video system, and to train the locals in its usage.

Sri Lanka was ravaged by the tsunami and as a result thousands of people were displaced, and thousands of children orphaned. The particular church they are looking to ‘makeover’ is a central hub of community activity and care, and a place of refuge for many poor and desperate people. There is also an orphanage attached which takes care of many community children in addition to the resident children.

Nick’s church has done extensive work in Sri Lanka since the tsunami, including the construction of buildings and an orphanage – so they are in position to ensure that the resources are well placed and utilised in the most beneficial way.

Nick is asking you, if you would like to get involved by supplying equipment to enable the project. They are looking to setup a good basic system for a room seating around 350 people.

Perhaps you have some old / excess stock or ex demo gear that could be put to good use!?  Tax deductibility can also be accommodated via the church’s charitable foundation which exists to facilitate projects such as this.

Now, obviously there is some good promotional value attached to a project such as this, so in a sense the cost can be offset by the goodwill and publicity that will be generated – but despite this, the project is something that is just plainly a great thing to do to benefit others – a way that our industry can contribute to doing something significant to aid our fellow man.

Here’s what they are looking for, please let Nick know what you would be able to help with: nick@ffp.com.au