Southcity Church steps up with a Martin M1 and Pro Shop LED PixBand Quad 6 Movers

Posted on Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Since acquiring their Martin M1 console a few weeks ago, it has been a pivotal point at Southcity Church in improving the quality and excellence for their four services each weekend.

“We have found the M1 console easy to use whilst at the same time it has the power and ability to utilize all our light fixtures to their capacity,” commented Pastor John Mez. “We also have a unique experience where we have our services in different venues so we transport our M1 in the hard case and have two different shows already configured with the press of a button. The M1 makes this really easy because it is a light desk which can be mobilized with ease.”

Previously the Church had been using a Martin LightJockey for control but they knew they needed to step up a notch and for John, the M1 looked to be a cost effective way of doing so.

“The volunteers at the Church have found the console really easy to navigate and were soon programming on it,” added John. “The effects generator is amazing, I really like that. It’s really good for getting all of the gear to look like one show which can be hard when you’re using a variety of lights. The effects engine makes everything look like its moving and working together.”

The Church also recently purchased ten Pro Shop LED PixBand Quad 6 Mover fixtures to add to their Pro Shop LED PAR cans.

“They are absolutely amazing!” said John. “Great eye candy and work within the show really well. They really are cool.”