Silent Messaging with the Logostar

Posted on Monday, April 27th, 2009

For a user-friendly, modestly priced messaging solution go straight for the Logostar. This unique and stylish logo projector looks more like it should be in a modern art gallery than in a corporate or commercial environment.

Employing a dynamic, high-powered, halogen light source for powerful and fine edged graphics. Mounting options are flexible as the light aluminium body is easily attachable to any convenient hanging point. Brand a trade show, conference or exhibition centre with full colour, rotating words and designs. Or point onto the outside walkway of a restaurant or retail outlet with advertising messages and special offers.

Set up is as easy as point and shoot, with manual focus available upon simple installation of your gobo design. Gobos can range from simple silhouettes through to sophisticated full colour images. Then just flick a switch and let the Logostar create an impressive point of difference for your business. Lamp life offers a healthy 1000 hours with spare rotation belt and sample gobos included. All for around the cost of an advertisement in your local newspaper.

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