Showtime Productions go for bright, tight and light with the MAC101

Posted on Friday, February 3rd, 2012


Showtime Productions gave themselves an extra special Christmas present last year in the form of sixteen Martin MAC101 LED moving head wash lights.

With their remarkably small size, super light weight and ease of use, the MAC101’s were soon in high demand.

“Everyone wanted them and we even ended up having to sub-hire some from other production companies!” revealed Asher Daoud, Showtime’s Sales Manager. “We really love the tight, bright beam that the MAC101 delivers. Their low power consumption is of course great and it means we could daisy chain a number of them together off of one outlet. Plus it certainly can pack a punch for such a small fixture. Because it is so small and lightweight the MAC101 can be rigged virtually anywhere. What else can I say ….. we just love them!”

Providing rapid movement and calibrated colours with a low price tag, the MAC101 is a dream come true for production companies such as Showtime with the fixtures becoming integral to their productions.

The two high profile events pictured utilized Showtime’s MAC101’s. The Cage Fighting Championships held at The Big Top in Luna Park used the MAC101’s to add light and colour to the trussing. One of the world’s Top 10 DJs, Markus Schulz bought his Global DJ Broadcast live show to Sydney’s Metro Theatre on New Years Eve (photos courtesy inthemix) and as you can see, they were part of an interesting and innovative lighting design.