Showtech on stage at the Logies

Posted on Friday, May 11th, 2012

The TV Week Logie Awards are the Australian television industry awards, which have been presented annually since 1959.

The 54th Annual TV Week Logie Awards were held at the Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne, and was televised Australia wide on the Nine Network.

Performers at the event included British-Irish boy band One Direction, Flo Rida, Tony Bennett and the The Voice mentors, Seal and Delta Goodrem.

Showtech Australia provided all the rigging services for the broadcast and had the opportunity to use its BT280, BT200 winches and Nomad Control Consol that set a new benchmark for scenery mechanics at the Logies.

With six winches in total, four BT280 and two BT200 the set design called for six panels on three tracks to move throughout the evening to create many different looks for different segments of the production. 4 900 Kg LED video wall panels and 2 200 Kg scenic walls where used on the tracks.

“The Nomad system allowed for various set up and configurations of the LED screens, cascading splits, cannon reveals and staggered placements,” says Showtech Austalia director Tiny Good. “Positions were often called, and changed by the show’s director in live time, which were easy to load into the Nomad controller. Advantages of the automated system were the precision, timing and complexity of stage effects, accurate repeatability and quick set up and out times. Not comparable to manual set ups.”

Rohan Thornton, the show’s technical and lighting director was very specific that the system must provide a smooth, coordinated and organic motion and be safe and reliable. The stage is always ‘live’ during the evening and the cream of the Australian industry watching all of the action both on air and in the room during the breaks, with all scene and talent changes and resets done often unrehearsed and with the system in motion. The crew and system performed flawlessly.