Showtech automates Australia’s Got Talent

Posted on Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Australia’s Got Talent is an Australian reality television talent show based on the Got Talent series format that originated in the United Kingdom with Simon Cowell. The Australian production is produced by Freemantle Media for the 7 network and has become one of the leading rating variety shows.

Showtech Australia is working on the sixth season of AGT which is filmed at the Dockland Studios in Melbourne.

For this season Showtech is providing the automation system for the entire series. This consists of differing winches and other equipment from the hire stock held in Showtech’s Melbourne base and controlled by a Stage Technologies console running eChameleon software. The winches will be used for flying aerial effects, specialist performances and stunts.

Australia’s Got Talent is a challenging show for the production team. The nature of the show is dynamic and very fluid on its content. With contestants being ‘voted’ each week the requirements of the following weeks shoot can be very unpredictable. With the use of the BT200 & BT280 winches, it has enabled Showtech to change creative requests faster than ever before. The performers constantly reworking their routines as they get closer to the finals often means changing the winching programme minutes before rehearsals and even the live shoot. This in the past was not possible in similar time frames.

“With the Stage Technologies winches & software, we are able to re plot the movements of the contestant’s performance to millimetre fraction of second accuracies and work with the directors to ensure optimum camera angle shots of the performances and lighting fx . . . The production company is constantly reworking schedules to optimise the shows shooting schedule which is also where the winches come into their own,” says director of Showtech Tiny Good.