ShowPro Pix Pads provide The Logies with amazing eye candy

Posted on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Rohan Thornton, lighting designer for the 55th Annual TV Week Logie Awards at the Crown Palladium in Melbourne, saw the event as an ideal opportunity to use one of Show Technology’s hottest new products – the ShowPro Pix Pad!

“When working in television you’re always looking for new eye-candy effects for a bit of variety so I was delighted to see the Pix Pad at the Sydney CX Roadshow ,” remarked Rohan. “It’s an exceedingly low resolution screen that can be pixel mapped, be blocks of colours and also a very effective wash light. In fact there’s no shortage of luminosity out of them – we were running ours at 20% even with two layers of diffusion over the top of them. Add the fact that you can join them together to make different shapes and they’re a really versatile unit.”

Rohan further describes the Pix Pad as a cost effective version of living scenery and on The Logies he used forty-four unitssupplied by Resolution X.

“I used them to fill in the gaps between the LED screens around the room,” he added. “I pixel mapped them for things like chases and used them as eye candy rather than a physical light. They were simple to install and program.”

Individual control of each RGB pixel means that when several Pix Pads are placed togetherusers can scroll text and run advanced colour chases. However there are also a large number of on-board programs which can run in stand-alone mode to ensure a simple and quick set up when required.