ShowPro LED PAR Quad-18 outdoors at the zoo

Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2016

tar1Entertainment Installations have had great success with their initial purchase of ShowPro LED PAR Quad-18 describing them as very reliable with great output and colours.

“So when the need arose to get a bunch of IP65 rated LED fixtures, the Quad 18’s were a no-brainer for us,” commented Neale Mace, managing director of Entertainment Installations. “We’d had experience with some “no-name” IP65 RGBW LED PARs, however, the ShowPro Quad-18’s blew them away.”

Neale has used lots of their IP65 Rated Quad-18 for outdoor work, but for them their big test was having them sitting outdoors at Taronga Zoo for seven weeks lighting up trees etc during the 2016 Twilight at Taronga concert series.

“During this event they performed flawlessly and added great atmosphere (and sponsors colours) to the event area and their brightness certainly impressed,” he remarked. “Also, being IP65 rated, our crew didn’t have to worry about bad weather or packing them up after each gig.”

More ShowPro LED PAR Quad-18’s along with Martin MAC Viper Profiles and Martin MAC TW1 kept the stage pretty.