ShowPro LED GoldenEYE 77 add point of difference

Posted on Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

20151213_180854 Since PAV Events purchased their eight ShowPro LED GoldenEYE 77 they’ve been used for corporate events, outdoor events, concerts, fashion shows …. anywhere that required an extra bit of sparkle!

Combining 49 x 3W warm white, individually controllable Cree LEDs with a super tight 6 degree optical system, the LED GoldenEYE 77 is equally at home as a powerful blinder or dynamic visual display system.

When Sneaky Sound System (pictured) played a twilight set outdoors at Gloucester Park the LED GoldenEYE 77’s delivered visual eye candy along with a couple of Mar20151213_175601tin MAC Quantum Profiles and Washes.

“We purchased the LED GoldenEYE 77’s as a point of difference and for their unique look,” said Mike Bird of PAV Events. “They’re really easy to hang and the connectivity between them is good. The built in macros are great but then so is the ability to pull simple effects at different levels of intensity. They also do a lovely twinkling backdrop effect.”

Mike further commented on the ‘invisibility’ of the LED GoldenEYE 77 which tends not to be noticed onstage until it turns on. This makes it ideal for visual-conscious corporate gigs and for gigs where camera shots are important.