ShowPro LED DMX Fresnels for Callaway Music Auditorium

Posted on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

tls1 TLS Productions recently installed fourteen ShowPro LED DMX Fresnels into the Callaway Music Auditorium at the University of Western Australia.

Using a massive 160Watts of Warm-White LED power this Fresnel is a great option for venues, theatres, studios and production companies looking to increase the versatility of their white light fixtures.

“The venue had Selecon Fresnels but constantly changing the globes was a nuisance,” said Guillaume Laurent, managing director at TLS. “They wanted a replatls2cement that was also energy-efficient and required less maintenance.”

Guillaume commented that he was familiar with the ShowPro brand describing it as reliable with good quality light.

“The CRI (colour rendering index) with the ShowPro LED DMX Fresnel was just right,” he added. “In fact it was comparable to a normal Fresnel. Everyone is extremely happy with the fixtures and so far they have operated seamlessly.”