ShowPro IP-rated equipment ideal for Melbourne weather

Posted on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

12512575_967585223278730_8899005628794589909_nGuy McGregor, director of Nextgen Rentals, can’t say enough good things about the ShowPro HEX36 Floods and dreampix Tubes.

“We’d been looking for an outdoor LED flood to replace our Citycolors and we ended up settling on HEX36 Floods,” remarked Guy. “They’re IP rated, have a low power consumption and they deliver a lot of rich colour. They’re a really versatile fixture that can also be used as a white flood light. They also have UV so they are a very useful little product.”

Guy describes the purchase as a ‘no brainer’ stating that the ShowPro range of IP rated fixtures is extremely hardy and reliable.

“Using ShowPro gear means you don’t have to worry about the equipment out on site,” said Guy. “You just plug in your ShowPro IP rated fixtures, and you don’t have to worry about the weather. That allows you to focus on more important tasks.

“Most of our jobs are in Melbourne where it rains quite a bit but we never have a problem. We’ve sent the IP rated Floods and PAR Cans out on outdoor gigs for three or four months at a time and they’ve been rock solid.”

The HEX36 Flood is a massive wash light boasting 450Watts of LED power. Using 36 x 12Watt RGBWA-UV 6 in 1 LEDs this wash light has lots of power to suit all your larger scale wash requirements. It has an IP rating of IP64 and is a fan free construction.

The photo shows ShowPro HEX36 Floods, PAR cans and dreampix Tubes lighting a BMW display during Chinese New Year at Crown Casino, Melbourne. Sixteen EX36 Floods were used, eight on the top and eight on the bottom lighting the drapes, along with seventy of the dreampix Tubes.

“With all the IP-rated cabling the product comes with, it was a case of just plug and play,” Guy commented. “What is really great about the dreampix Tubes is that they are double-sided and we have many clients who require displays of a 360 degree nature, so they are ideal. They’re a very creative product which we’ll be able to use in limitless ways. Plus they are also very lightweight so you don’t have to worry about what type of rigging you need to hold them up. You can pretty much hang them anywhere!”

The dreampix series brings your ideas to light with pixel mappable surfaces powered by an easy-to-use ArtNet interface that works ­flawlessly with popular industry-standard pixel mapping tools. In this case, coolux Pandora media servers, located under the stage, took care of the pixel mapping of the dreampix Tubes treating them as a video wall. An MA Lighting grandMA took overall control of the set up.