ShowPro for the Bowery Theatre

Posted on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Brimbank’s St Albans Community Centre and the Bowery Theatre opened with a gala community showcase day in March. The new venue includes a 200 seat performing arts theatre and new community hall spaces each holding 100 people with retractable walls giving a space for over 300.

Mozaix supplied and installed a lighting solution for the theatre that included ten ShowPro LED CYC RGBWA and four LED Tri-12 Par 4 Packs.

“It’s a small, multipurpose theatre with retractable seating and a lighting grid over the whole ceiling of the room so that they can move the direction of the theatre any which way that they want to,” explained Paul Tucker of Mozaix. “The original specification was for some conventional cyc lights but LED is taking over, especially at this mid-level size of venue, and so we came up with the ShowPro solution with Show Technology. Together we proved to the venue that the LED cyc delivers greater flexibility, draws less power and gives a much wider colour scope.”

Ten ShowPro LED CYCs are spread along the fourteen metre wide stage and, with their two adjustable ‘heads’, coverage of the wash is considerable. According to Paul, the client has been very impressed by the punchy output from such a small unit.

The ShowPro LED Tri-12 Par 4 Packs were purchased mainly for back lighting and again, the client has been very happy with the acquisition.

“They’re a cost effective fixture with a very bright light output,” said Paul. “They’re great for back lighting or an eye candy look.”