ShowPro delivers Christmas with a twist

Posted on Thursday, January 21st, 2016

YS_Eastland_HighRes-452 Light Project was engaged by Weareyourstudio (UK) and Queensland Investment Corporation to create a colour changing lighting solution for a very modern take on a Christmas tree for Eastlands Shopping Centre.

The geometric structure is made of acrylic panels coated in dichroic film that is iridescent so during the daytime there is a glow and subtle effect to the assembly. The sunlight creates the effect of a mirrored crystal. At night, the structure is lit internally exposing a real Christmas tree and a completely different effect.

“It needed to be brigYS_Eastland_HighRes-463ht and intense yet not overly so in a tacky sense,” commented Trevor Duncan of Light Project. “There were a lot of unknowns during the design process. We knew we’d need a strong, powerful lumen package and easy configurability of installation, especially as we didn’t know what sort of structure we would have to mount the fittings. We also had to take into account the fact that the light fittings would be held by the shopping centre to use again so they had to be versatile.”

Trevor found his ideal fittings in the form of eight ShowPro LED Flood EEastLand_Christmas-424X36 and eight ShowPro LED PAR

Quad-18 IP 65, both of which he described as fantastic, easy to work with and almost a set and forget scenario!

The LED Flood EX36 are placed at the bottom of the structure in a circular pattern whilst the Quad-18 LED Pars are spread out in a random pattern nearer the top. The lights are programmed by an ELC DMX Player.

“Initially the client wanted something quite flashy but we talked them into something more subtle and slow,” added Trevor. “We picked colours off the film that we liked – mainly reds, oranges, magentas, pinks – and it cycles slowly through that. There are a lot of restaurants and retailers around that trade in the night time and we didn’t want it to be too invasive. It’s more aboYS_Eastland_HighRes-23ut the detail, design and architecture of the structure than over powering it with flashy lights.”

Trevor reports that all of the fixtures performed flawlessly over the two month installation period.

“They were fantastic, literally bullet proof,” he said. “They are perfect for a semi-permanent installation.”