Show Technology National PGA Tour

Posted on Friday, April 24th, 2009

The Show Technology National PGA (Pitiful Golf Attempters) Tour has kicked off in Melbourne despite the fact that Tiger Woods (no relation to Woody) turned down a rumoured $47.50 fee to appear.

This was the very first time that a Show Technology Golf Day was staged in Melbourne and it might be a while before the Mark McInnes can show his face in the State again.

Set at the stunning Southern Golf Club located in the sand districts of south Eastern Melbourne the course was, unlike the players, in good condition to start with.

“The sun was shining, a perfect day for golf,” commented Mark, upon his release. “If only we could play the game.”

The day started with a civilised sit-down lunch in the club house accompanied by a glass or ten of fine wine. Finally, designated drivers found the golf carts, playing partners were allocated and the motley crew set off to the first tee. Mark had to explain to first timer Lawrie that tees were something to hold his balls when he was driving, to which Lawrie replied “Gosh, BMW think of everything!”

Lou from ALS, who only turned up when he overheard someone talking about ‘swinging clubs’, was an early stand out for his smart pants and green shirt, obviously thinking he was a chance at the ‘masters’ green jacket title. Stav from Pro Light and Sound, was doing his best to get everyone kicked off the course by disturbing the entire neighbourhood with his very best ‘energiser bunny’ impersonation.

The day finished with a round of trophy presentations as well as a few more beverages and bar snacks and soon the fact that most people only managed just over half of the course was quickly forgotten.

“All in all a great day was had by all with the guarantee of more Show Technology Victorian Golf days to come in the future,” said Mark, who has more than one handicap.

Emerging from the rough, Paul Nicolaou, Show Technology’s Victorian Branch manager and state witness to the day’s events said “It’s great to see the turn out today, with everybody working hard in this current business climate and having their shoulders to the wheel it would be easy for our clients to stay at work and dismiss today as a waste of time. Of course today is not really about the golf – it’s about relaxing a little and spending some time with the key people in the industry. Giving a little bit back if you like, I think today was an outrageous success. I’d really like to thank everyone for turning up today – I’m stoked.”

With Show Technology golf days to still yet to be had in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane there will be more shenanigans to come. Have you registered for your round? Contact your local Show Tech account manager for your invitation.

Notable results

Michael Zagarn (Clear Systems) Nearest to the pin

Roger Clapton (CC’s Light and Sound) Overall winner

Stavros Hatsipantelas (Pro Light and Sound) – Most Water / Alcohol consumed

Renata Hatzipantales (Pro Light and Sound) – Most Trees hit