Show Technology leads you to drink…….

Posted on Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Event Cinemas (formerly Greater Union) has rolled out their prototype drink carts, one for beer and one for coffee. These carts will be placed in semi-permanent locations close to the theatre entry but after ticket purchase and after the regular food location.

Designed by Matthew Sheargold of Sheargold Design and manufactured by Andrew Webber of Carts Australia, the carts feature white LED Listle Light back lighting the circular sign across the top of the beer cart, as well as back lighting the semicircle at the front of the drink cart. Being both flexible and available in easy-to-manage one meter sections, Listle Light is ideal for projects with tight spaces.

The lights on the inside of hood are actually high density white LED Tape with only every fourth LED visible through a drilled hole.

The unusually designed coffee cart is constructed in Marblo and also backlit using LED Listle Light.

”The head honcho’s of Event Cinemas love these carts and it looks like they’ll order another forty of them!” said a delighted Mark McInnes, Show Technology’s National Sales & Marketing Manager and lighting designer for the carts.