Show Technology launch at the new Neverland Entertainment complex

Posted on Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

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All of those attending the Show Technology Official Melbourne Launch of Martin MACIII, MA Lighting’s MA2 series consoles and Pulsar’s new Tricolour LED range were in for more than a spectacular product display – they were amongst the first people to catch a first-hand look at Melbourne’s latest super venue Neverland.

The yet-to-be-opened club features has a massive hexagonal dance floor area, elevated DJ Box, a hexagonal trussing system which is able to be raised and lowered using chain motors mid gig and, in the middle of the trussing system, are plasma screens again arranged in a hexagon.

The large bar areas are framed plasma screens, arranged in portrait format, covering the entire length of the bars. These are used to show graphics and the effect is spectacular.

The VIP area is a Balinese style enclave overlooks the main dance floor complete with it’s own bar and very comfy lounge areas.

Two massive outdoor areas, again with their own bars and themed in a Balinese style exists at either ends of the venue. Another outdoor area, the entry to which is via the VIP room, uses stillages stacked three high and containing LED lighting to create a boundry. There is a moat with three, six-foot high statues on plinths internally lit with LEDs to allow them to change colour. In house control is MA Lighting, of course and there are ten LC panels installed at the back of the stage creating a back drop. Martin MAC’s and LED’s galore hang in the trussing.

Special Guests were Andy Graves from Pulsar who gave a presentation on Pulsar’s new Tricolour LED technology. Emmanuel Ziino spoke about the new MACIII and Vince gave a presentation on the new MA2. Other interesting items were the new Coolux Media Server Pandora’s Box and the ShowLed curtain.

All the usual Melbourne heavy hitters were there, Braham Ciddor from Lightmoves, Roger Clapton from CC’s, Lou Constantinou from ALS, Stavros Hatzipantelis from Pro Light and Sound, Lawrie Videky from Phaseshift, Andrew Bowen and Michael Zagarn from Clear Systems, John McKissock from Clearlight. Notable attendee’s were those that made the effort to travel from Adelaide; Leko Novakovic and Hamish from Novatech, George Psorakis from Osmonds and Andy J from Adelaide Sound.

“The MACIII is a phenomenal piece of machinery, well worth the wait,” commented Stavros. “It would have been great on the Commonwealth Games opening and obviously there is a need for something that large in the market place especially for the big arena events.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time for the Pulsar Tricolour LED stuff with baited breath! A lot of these fixtures are used to wash walls but obviously we use a lot of LED lighting for concerts and events – to have that even colour coming out from the unit without having that ‘RGB look’ is a lot better. It’s still really punchy.

“The actual size of the MA2 is what interests me the most as we are often limited by space at events. We don’t want huge format lighting consoles but we still need to control 20, 30 or 40 fixtures so it has to have horsepower! The MA2 gives you all the control for a small footprint.”

Leko Novakovic of Novatech was particularly impressed by the Pulsar Tricolour products.

“It was great to see some of the LED install products finally getting up there with the brightness levels. Up until now some of them have been a bit piss-weak but when Andy Graves was waving some of the Tricolour sticks around they nearly took your eyes out they were so bright! Pulsar have always delivered good, well manufactured products but now the technology is delivering even better output.

“The MACIII has an impressive brightness, some really unique gobos and a cool auto focus feature. It’s a beats of a light and is certainly a step up.”