Show Technology in the Zone

Posted on Monday, June 28th, 2010


AV company Peace of Mind Technology have been delivering just that to AMF Bowling centres including new centres in Robina (QLD), Clayton (VIC) and the latest venture in Rooty Hill (NSW).

With 34 bowling lanes, AMF Rooty Hill RSL is the largest continuous lane bowling centre in Australia. The new AMF Rooty Hill RSL features bowling, M9 Laser Skirmish, cafe and bar facilities, bumper bowling, glow in the dark bowling, and a huge arcade game area.

M9 Laser Skirmish at AMF Rooty Hill RSL is an action packed indoor laser adventure game without the pain of paintball. Players manoeuvre through an apocalyptic urban city underworld, with mazes, dark tunnels and ramps. Smoke screens and integrated lighting add an element of surprise. Players use the walls, obstacles and multi level vantage points for attack or to take defense.

“Pretty much every piece of lighting equipment is from Show Technology mostly because of the great support we get from them,” remarked Jeremy Pollak, Peace of Mind’s commercial manager. “They are always very helpful with any technical problems we encounter. In fact, the Show Technology guys are very creative in every respect.

”Their service and support is excellent, even delivering directly to site for us.”

In an M9 Laser Skirmish arena the lighting needs to create movement and sometimes a hint of confusion. Upon entering the arena a powerful Pro Shop Strobe machine is triggered to disorientate and once through the entry way, two Studio Due Shark 250 moving heads, with their quick and smooth movement, add plenty of action. Six Pro Shop LED Megaflower and three Superflower effect lights create multi-coloured bouncing beams around the arena.

Seven Pro Shop LED tubes help to guide the players to certain areas of the arena whilst a JEM K1hazer creates the atmosphere. Five LED Par56 cans, four LED Par64 cans and LED Neon Flex are also used.

“The layout of the M9 Laser Skirmish arena can change, so the positioning of the lighting has to be flexible enough to allow this,” said Jeremy.

A Martin LightJockey is in control running a twelve-minute program.

”AMF Bowling supply the PC’s and we do the programming. We find that everyone is familiar with LightJockey and we get a lot of support from Martin. We’re very loyal in that way.”