Show Technology Golf Day

Posted on Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

Yes it was that time of the year when green keeper’s quake in their boots, wildlife scurry into the distance and locals lock up their valuables – the Show Technology Golf Day. The event was sponsored by Martin and Philips.

This time it was Kogarah Golf Club that had to warn the club members to keep their distance on Sunday February 10th as Show Technology partners and clients descended onto the green for another day of pure mayhem. Fortunately it was one of the few days when the rain wasn’t pelting down and plans for scuba-golf did not have to be implemented.

Described by Ryan Varley of Frontier Lighting as an ‘action-packed day of laughter and sport heroics’, the event was extremely competitive and accusations of ball-tampering were rife.

As the only female on the course (apart from Show Technology’s own Kelly who startled all with her pink golf clubs), Candice Wolff from Brisbane Sound Group was very diplomatic when commenting on her hair-curling experience.

“Well it wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be,” she tactfully stated. “Actually it was kind of fun, though I think it should be illegal to play without a drinks cart and golf buggy.”

Walking the green was also too much for Braham Ciddor from Lightmoves who echoed Candice’s remarks and would no doubt prefer a sit-down game of tiddlywinks.

“Golf without the use of golf carts should be illegal,” he said. “I’m pleased to say my golf game has not deteriorated since the last Show Tech Golf game four years ago – it’s still as bad. I also think that Soren is way too serious. Bury the Golf day and bring on the Go Karts!”

Jeff Morgan of Lots of Watts insists that he got the longest drive of the day on the 17th despite being distracted by the array of furry dead animals on the end of Emmanuel’s clubs.

“He should really be locked up for that,” confided Jeff. “I’d also like to say that Luca and I did not cheat at all ….honestly…cross my heart……”

Tony Davis from Chameleon Touring Systems described the event as a great day however he did point out that it’s lucky that the Show Technology team do better lights than they play golf!

And the results are…..

Winner Scratch – Soren Storm/Philby Lewis (3rd year running!!) with a +3  75

R/up Scratch – Wayne Kellet/Darren Mclanders with a +6   78

Winner H/cap – Vicken Hekimian/Mark McInnes

R/up H/cap – Ed Fardell/ Daniel Munro

Philips Nearest the Pin #1 – Martin Anderson

Philips Nearest the Pin #2 – Graeme Hicks (<50cm)

“Water baby” Most water found – R2 Richard Pacholski

“Lumberjack” Most trees Hit – Martin Anderson

“Beach Bunny” Most Sand found – Mark McInnes