Show Technology delivers Martin M1 Training in Melbourne

Posted on Tuesday, September 13th, 2011


With the Martin M1 console fast becoming one of Australia’s hottest lighting products distributor Show Technology has begun a series of Martin M1 Training days.

The first such event was held at Show Technology’s Melbourne office and it clearly indicated that the coming events are going to be very well received!

Simon Barrett, Technical Support from Show Technology, ran the course in Melbourne as indeed he will be in all other locations. With a strong history in working with lighting consoles before coming to Show Technology, Simon knows a thing or two about control platforms.

“The class was just great, they were all very attentive and had control of the console in no time at all,” commented Simon.  “There were a number of people who had not spent much time on a console before and even they picked it up very quickly. The Martin M1 is very much in demand right now and it’s all happened in such a short time span – it’s really impressive.”

The Melbourne M1 Training day was booked out very early on and there is already a wait list for the next M1 training day to be held in Melbourne.

“We plan to schedule another day in Melbourne as soon as practical,” revealed Simon. “With people coming from Vic Opera, local nightclubs, AV companies, teaching facilities as well as the odd ‘freelance LD’ the consoles appeal is undoubtedly very broad.”

Trish Carr from Lightwave remarked that the M1 was the easiest console that she had ever encountered.

“It’s amazing and Simon is a super talented teacher, it’s just a breeze,” she said.

The M1 is the result of over a decade of console development at Martin. The M1 was been developed with one ultimate goal in mind; to build the most affordable lighting console with the most value on the market. The Martin M1 console is clearly the next big thing in lighting control.

The next M1 training event will be held in the Show Technology office on both September 21st and 22nd. That will be followed by Perth and Brisbane and finally Adelaide in October.

Go to to register your interest.