Show Technology’s Hot Reveals at Chameleon

Posted on Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Yet again the Australian lighting community were amongst the first to see ground-breaking new lighting gear, thanks to Show Technology. Revealed at Chameleon Touring Systems Open Day were two hotly anticipated products: the Martin MAC III and the MA Lighting grandMA2.

Due to be officially launched at this years’ PLASA tradeshow, both of these products are expected to be in high demand and will no doubt be snapped up as they roll off the manufacturing line.

The MAC III is the all new third generation of the Martin MAC moving heads and represents a giant leap in technology from recent products. This new flagship has innovative technology (most of which is being kept under wraps until the official release at PLASA in September) but we can divulge a few things including a new specially designed 1500W lamp; modular design; data communication (bi-directional); diagnostics tools; new dynamic effects; ultra wide zoom; quick speed and much more. The new MAC III will change the way lighting designers use moving heads.

“I thought the MAC III was great!” remarked lighting designer Mark Hammer after the event. “Like most lighting people I’m a bit of an output fan and it seems to be ramping up the output. The zoom range looks fantastic and it also looked great.”

“I was really excited by the maintenance system that Martin has built into the MAC III,” added Dave Jackson, of Group Services Productions. “The ability to download and store calibrations and such is fantastic; you can store back down to a USB key and go back to the factory to see what went wrong with a light or why different modules were swapped etc. It’s going to be a great corporate / production tool.

Dave was also impressed by the grandMA2 describing it as brilliant.

“The thing that grabbed me straight away was how comfortable I felt at the console,” he said. “Ergonomically it’s really well designed – it feels cool and comfortable to sit at and you can grab everything you need really quickly. It really is awesome and I can certainly see us purchasing one further down the line!”

MA Lighting’s brand new grandMA2 full-size controls all kinds of lighting genres like conventionals, moving lights, LEDs, video and media. MA Lighting has kept the intuitive grandMA control philosophy, including the same command line and syntax. However, the company has cleaned up, improved and extended the software, and optimized the colours and views. The advanced networking architecture is even more powerful and allows full upward compatibility from the “old” grandMAs, while a ‘Series 1’ mode also allows for full downward compatibility.grandMA2 offers a complete system solution for a wide range of top-end applications, including theatre-style programming or concert touring multi-user programming sessions. grandMA2 also includes fader wings, giving up to 90 faders per console.

“We were privileged to have both Martin and MA Lighting’s support and were honoured to be showing these new, important products to our market so early,” commented Show Technology managing director Emmanuel Ziino. “The Australian market has become a key testing ground and because of the high level of talent we have here, our suppliers recognise the importance of this markets input”