Sharks and Piranhas at Ladylux

Posted on Friday, October 30th, 2009

Sydney’s Lady Lux nightclub has undergone a sexy new transformation thanks to interior designer Thomas Bucich and audio visual supplier Night Works Audio.

Opened in 2003 by Proprietor Scott Bayly the venue ran successfully for five years before closing for complete renovations. The venue has reopened with a new level of sophistication and style; a lush mix of Baroque meets James Bond. New features in the club include a custom designed Piranha tank, custom one off carpet incorporating the Ladylux logo, an exclusive upholstered Absolut members room, state of the art technology and finishes all presented in a lush environment.

The low ceilings in the venue produced a challenge with the installation of the lighting for the dance floor area.

“This was particularly so because the owners were adamant that they wanted moving head fixtures,” said Simon Bell, director of Night Works Audio. “Most traditional moving head fixtures are much too big to use in these circumstances. We decided to use four Studio Due Shark 250 moving yokes for gobo and wash effects on the dance floor. The Sharks are great and really cost efficient too. They’re really powerful for a 250 watt fixture and for the price you get a lot of features such as rotating gobos and rotating prism. The Sharks also have some nice colours in them too and they don’t need a lot of maintenance.”

Simon also chose four Pro Shop LED Strips for the installation. All four fixtures are mounted within the sunken dance floor area yet face towards the bar area. 

“That way clientele at the bar can see them doing cool chases and other effects,” said Simon. “You can have then changing colour as a whole bar or changing them bit by bit.”