selectAV choose reliability of Martin and MA Lighting

Posted on Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Melbourne-based selectAV Audio Visual Systems has recently purchased some tried and tested equipment in the form of twelve Martin MAC250 Entours and a MA Lighting ultralight console.

Managing director Ian McRae admits that they are late on the purchasing scene for these products but that is just the way he wants it as he now has products that are well known and have a solid reputation around town!

“We’ve been using MAC250 Entours for quite a while in a cross-hire capacity and we reached the point where we were using them so regularly on shows as our business has grown and buying our own was the next natural step,” commented Ian. “They’re great for effects lighting in rooms. We looked at the new Martin LED profiles but we felt that the MAC250 Entours, despite being an older technology were very good for gobos due to their single source lamp as opposed to the LED which uses multiple chips. The gobos from the MAC250 Entour are very sharp and that’s a big part of what we use them for.”

The MA Lighting ultra light control console is also not exactly new to the market but Ian wanted to ensure absolute reliability by choosing a console that has proven to be very stable and has garnered positive reviews over the past few years.

“Its small footprint is fantastic for what we do and the fact that it has been so tested over the past five years is great. Just the huge amount of flexibility of features is amazing.The reality is that it offers us more features than we’ll ever be able to use! It’s also a well known console around town for contractors and technicians who use it which is obviously important to us.”

Photos (left to right)

DJ Return, Photo – Andrew Hobs, Event – Peter Jones Special Events @ Luminaire
Team Event Espy1, Photo – David Miller, Event – Team Event @ Sutton St Car park
Seek email, Photo – Andrew Hobbs , Event – Peter Jones Special Events @ ALTO Melbourne
Rosarti11, Photo – David Miller, Event – The Big Group @ Rosatis Restaurant