Selecon save Australian theatres’ carbon emissions

Posted on Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

80V 1200W Power Systems deliver a “…devastatingly bright and clear, crisp white light”* with up to a 50% reduction in power consumption

Leading Australian venues are making a dedicated commitment towards reducing their greenhouse gas emissions while significantly reducing stage lighting and air conditioning heat loads. This commitment to energy efficiency is endorsed and encouraged by Australian state governments and is high on the priority lists of fiscally and environmentally aware theatre consultants and management teams who are involved with the refurbishment and development of theatrical lighting around the world.

Selecon’s lower voltage 80V 1200W Pacific Profiles and Rama High Performance Fresnel replace traditional 2500kW and 2000kW mains powered luminaires and deliver impressive energy savings in both stage lighting and air conditioning systems with the added advantages of smaller, easier to use luminaires that deliver bright, pure white light.

Over 300 80V 1200W Power Systems have been supplied to leading Australian theatres over the past two years, including the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (image), Ipswich Civic Theatre, Redlands Performing Arts Centre, Mackay Entertainment Centre, Sydney Opera House, Hillsong Church, Channel 9-Sydney, Newcastle Civic Theatre, Tamworth Musical Society, Wagga Civic Theatre and the Sutherland Entertainment Centre.

Selecon’s 80V 1200W Power System represents an important and, in light of the world focus on energy efficient solutions, relevant tool for lighting designers and venues to seriously consider when thinking about replacing high wattage stage luminaires.

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