Selador Lustr and Paletta

Posted on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Selador’s patent-pending, seven-colour LED mix produces extremely intense colors across the spectrum, natural-looking pastels and white light, and beautifully rendered coloured objects and skin tones. Selador fixtures are the only LED luminaires capable of interacting seamlessly with other conventional light sources, including tungsten and sunlight, and no other leading fixtures match Selador’s gamut of deeply saturated colors.
Optics: Beam angles are adjustable from 12-80 degrees in the both the horizontal and vertical axes simultaneously via the use of interchangeable lenses. Colour Rendering of 87-90 at various Colour Temperatures 800K to 20,000K. All fixtures are flicker free…perfect for TV applications.

Power: Each individually controlled 11 inch section contains 40x 3.5W High Output LED’s. When replacing traditional 1KW Cyc lights Selador fixtures use 10% of the power, plus you never have to change a gel or lamps again…well for 10 years or so.

Dimming: Selador fixtures have an internal theatrical dimming curve that provides more precise control at low light levels and reduces the “stepping” effect between low DMX values. Selador fixtures can dim 128 smoother than alternative fixtures.

Housing and Cooling: The Selador fixture housing is designed to cool the fixtures by maximising airflow over the heatsinks without the use of fans.

This increases LED consistency over the life of the fixture. Powder-coated steel and anodized aluminum in standard, matte black. Custom colours are available by special order.

Available in 11,22, 44 and 72 inch lengths.

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