ScreenThief Component Released for Hippotizer V3

Posted on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Green Hippo officially released its new ScreenThief component in conjunction with the 3.0.14 software version in October 2010.

ScreenThief allows remote PC capture via Ethernet. A feature many Hippotizer users have been requesting , this new component allows them to capture the screen of a PC or Laptop in real time over the network and use the content as a source.

The new Ethernet video capture solution is ideal for incorporating PowerPoint presentations into Hippotizer-driven shows and also works well with house of worship software, such as Easy Worship, or alternatively Web pages and product demonstrations run on the captured machine.

While remote screen capture isn’t new, ScreenThief adds new dimensions to this type of software with an almost unperceivable latency as well as offering lossless quality up to 1280 x 1024 resolution. Additionally, it is easily and intuitively operated from within Green Hippo’s ZooKeeper software and illuminates the need for any additional capture cards.

Simply install the software on any non-Hippotizer PC on the network, fix an IP address and operators can use whatever is running on the remote PC’s screen as the source for any layer or configure multiple PCs and use them as a source for multiple layers.
Australian Distributor: Clearlight Shows