Scene Change Sydney change with Martin

Posted on Saturday, February 6th, 2016

scmartin1Last year saw Scene Change Sydney (Australia #2 AV supplier!) overhaul their lighting inventory; something they prefer to do every three years to keep ahead of their competitors.

Top of their shopping list were several Martin products including MAC Quantum Profiles, MAC Auras, RUSH PARs and even more MAC101s.

“We purchased four MAC Quantum Profiles knowing we could always hire more in if required,” said Vicken Hekimian, Director of Scene Change Sydney. “The Quantum is a terrific lamp that has quickly been taken up by large lighting companies so I knew we could get extra stock when needed. It really is a great light: very bright, great reds, nice gobos and the guys love them especially as you don’t have to wait for the lamp to lamp on. Plus, because it’s LED it draws less power.”

A dozen MAC Auras were purchased to replace older wash lights and Vicken admires their brightness and great colour temperature. All of their LED PARs have been replaced by Martin RUSH PARS, described by Vicken as fantastic.

“Again, they have a great colour temperature which we need as a lot of our clients are specific about that brand colours,” he said. “With the RUSH PARs we can get closer to the required colour than with anyone other fixture.”

Due to their value for money and the fact that you can pop them anywhere, Scene Change continue to grow their stock of the versatile MAC101.