Sapphire Bar a testament to LED Lighting

Posted on Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Located in the Perth suburb of Subiaco is Sapphire Bar, a sophisticated lounge bar renown for its’ immaculate decor and stunning lighting.

Catering to a sophisticated clientele, the Sapphire has some of the most sumptuous fittings of any nightclub in Perth. Plush red carpets, lounge chairs and sparkling chandelier’s chararcterise this establishment. The club is a favourite among the Subiaco Hotel and corporate set who want to kick on into the night after the local pubs have shut.

It was actually in late 2007 that Sapphire Bar had a major facelift including a classy refit of lighting so why are we covering it now? Well, apart from the fact it took a while to get some photos, the bar is a testament to the longevity and durability of Show Technology’s LED lighting.

Located in a fairly nondescript building on Hay Street just north of the main restaurant strip in Subiaco, the club is marked by a creative piece of signage courtesy of blue Pro Shop LED Neon Flex

Heaps more Neon Flex can be found inside the club whilst Pro Shop LED Strips are used behind the bar and behind banquettes to light up the walls in a myriad of changing hues.

”Since installation, the LED Neon Flex and the LED Strips have provided the club owner with a low maintenance, cost effective lighting solution,” commented Gino Lombardi, Show Technology’s WA Branch Manager. “They really have been very reliable and the bar has gained a reputation for its elegant and chic lighting.”

The dance floor is serviced by eight Martin SCX700 scanners whose separate colour and gobo wheels create a multitude of brilliant effects.