RUSH MH7’s and LED Profiles for Sapphire

Posted on Friday, March 31st, 2017

Eight Martin RUSH MH7 Hybrid, along with eight ShowPro LED Profiles FC fixtures, have been added to the production inventory of Sapphire Lighting and Audio Productions.

The Martin RUSH MH7 Hybrid is an all-in-one beam, spot and wash moving head – all within an affordable price bracket. This made it an ideal fixture for a company of this size.

“The hybrid nature of the MH7 offers so many options for the type of events that we do,” commented Benn Sargood of Sapphire. “We do corporate, rock’n’roll, musical theatre and everything in between! They’ve been fantastic, they’re so versatile. Even in a daylight situation they are well and truly bright enough to cut it.”

The RUSH MH 7 Hybrid’s features include sharp, crisp optics with a powerful zoom that ranges from a smooth 45° wash to a punchy 2.2° beam. The fixture features 8 rotating/indexing and 12 static gobos, 10 selectable colours, and exciting beam effects from its 8-facet circular and 4-facet linear prisms.

Energy efficiency was also a key concern for Benn as several of the venues in his area do not have much in the way of power, and the efficient output of the RUSH MH 7 fixtures enables him to draw very little power. Similarly, the ShowPro LED Profiles FC he purchased require little in the way of power.

“They’ve been great,” said Benn. “The colour options the FC offers are great and for some of our clients it gives a lot more bang for buck; they give you a lot of creative options without breaking the bank. The low power consumption lets some of our clients in remote venues achieve much more than they had hoped for.”