RTR Productions complete the Sircuit

Posted on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Melbourne’s men-only gay venue has had a spruce up in time for spring including a new lighting system, new sound system and bar areas. RTR Productions have been looking after their AV needs for the past five years and so were called upon to supply and install the new gear.

Most nights of the week the venue operates as a bar but with a change around of the trussing it is turned into a nightclub.

Cris Cochis, operations manager at RTR Productions, installed twelve Martin MAC250 Entours for the main lighting feature in the venue.

“The Entours have great colours and gobos plus the famous Martin reliability,” he said. “They are very bright for a 250 lamp and the definition of the gobos is awesome. They are fairly quiet too although that doesn’t matter so much in a nightclub! The texture of the colour is very, very good.”

Forty Pro Shop LED Mini Blocks are installed within the truss where their narrow lenses mean that the truss features can be lit quickly and easily.

“They’re a very simple and very affordable solution,” said Cris. “They add atmosphere to the room when the MAC250 Entours aren’t on. We also have twenty LED PAR36 cans as truss warmers and a couple of the Pro Shop Max strobes.”

Control is by a Martin M1 console which Cris believes is fast becoming an industry standard.

“It’s a very flexible console which is easy to learn with a small amount of training,” he added. “It’s an awesome console.”