Rosco Releases LitePad Axiom

Posted on Friday, December 3rd, 2010

With a list of features designed to please gaffers and electricians, Rosco has launched a new range of its popular LitePad luminaires, the LitePad Axiom.

“Our engineering team listened carefully to the suggestions and critiques from users of our original LitePad and the Axiom range addresses each one. These new luminaires are perfect for use in studios or on set,” says Mike Wagner, the product manager responsible for LitePad.

The list of new features includes an inset, detachable electrical connection to prevent cord damage; 33% increased light output; a rugged and versatile metal housing that provides a secure mounting plate and a slot where accessories can attach; medium and spot lens options; and units available in both daylight or tungsten color temperatures.

In addition to individual luminaires sized from 3″ x 6″ up to 24″ x 24″, LitePad Axiom Kits have been assembled to fit the needs of working professionals in film, television, video, and still photography. Each kit includes a range of luminaires, cables, appropriate accessories, and mounting points — all neatly housed in a rolling hard case, ready to go.

Ed Donohue, Rosco’s director of sales, says, “Initial reactions have been extraordinarily positive from end-users and partners alike and stock is now available from our dealers coast to coast.”