Rosco DichroFilm™

Posted on Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Rosco has remained at the forefront of Colour Filter manufacturing and development since 1910, continuing research and evolving manufacturing techniques to meet the most stringent needs of ever increasing hot light sources.

Rosco are pleased to introduce DichroFilm™, a gel that never burns out? DichroFilm™ is the latest achievement in the development of plastic colour filters by Rosco. DichroFilm™ combines the flexibility, lightweight, and safe characteristics of a plastic gel with the longevity and heat resistance of a glass dichroic filter

DichroFilm™ has the colour characteristics of Permacolor Dichroic Glass, manufactured on a flexible, high temperature polymer substrate that is only .127mm thick. DichroFilm™ will outlast any gel filter and is perfect for those hard to reach installations or where you need a flexible, high transmission, high temperature colour filter.

Available in eleven standard colours. or phone 02 9906-6262