Ronan Keating tours with Martin

Posted on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010


Perth-based Concert & Corporate Productions are the proud owners of eight Martin MAC 301 Wash™ LED fixtures and they couldn’t be happier.“The MAC 301 Wash™ – small fixture, small price, small power draw, low running costs but with MASSIVE output and effects,” commented Sean McKernan, CCPWA’s Production Manager. “The MAC 301 Wash™ packs a lot into a small yet powerful fixture. The response of the MAC 301 Wash™ is good and fast, and its zooming function makes it very versatile. I can see it becoming a standard on productions. We love them and so do our clients. They are officially our favourite light!”

One of the first gigs that saw CCPWA’s MAC 301 LED moving heads in action was Ronan Keatings held at Sandalford Winery in the Swan Valley. This was the first show of a world tour for lighting designer Hunter Frith and the first time that he had used the MAC 301™ fixtures. Also in his rig for this show were MAC700 washes and profiles as well as MAC2000 profiles.

“I love the MAC 301™ fixtures!” Hunter commented. “I like that the MAC 301™ fixtures are so small and the lens in them is fantastic. The beam angle is nice and solid, I like a fat beam. Although they weren’t the fixtures that I specified, I was very happy with them.”

By the time that the tour played Sydney Entertainment Centre, the lighting was supplied by Phaseshift Productions and instead of MAC 301™ fixtures there were MAC250 Beams as well as MAC2000 profiles.

”I liked the MAC250 Beams but unfortunately I don’t have the correct profile for it in my console so there was some stuff I couldn’t quite figure out,” explained Hunter. “That was quite frustrating but it still worked and it worked fine. I like the fact that they are nice and bright although I would like a little bit more control over the beam angle. They’re also fast – I like them a lot and they’re definitely a great light.”

In Perth there was no video wall at the back of the stage but the rest of the tour saw a wall of Martin LC Panels, nine metres wide with a four metre drop, running video content designed by Pete Barnes.