Robert Juliat Super Korrigans are Gold

Posted on Friday, April 25th, 2008

Robert Juliat follow spots are famous for their superb mechanical design and are in keeping with the company’s well-earned reputation for renowned optical design. The Super Korrigan is a replacement for the 1200W HMI Korrigan followspot. It incorporates a new double-condenser optical system that produces 25% more light than the older model.

Last year, the Gold Coast Arts Centre invested in a couple of the world-famous Robert Juliat Super Korrigan followspots and the venue’s lighting crew is still over the moon with the purchase!

“Compared to other followspots on the market we found the Korrigans to be uniquely compact and light,” remarked Russell Jones, senior lighting technician at GCAC. “The crew thinks the Super Korrigans are great and everyone loves them. We love their output, the smooth operating of the iris and the fact that we’ve got the DMX models too. The way that the sliders work is fantastic. Externally, the follow spots are not very hot either so there’s not much of a burn factor.”

Russell further commented that the followspots are easy to maintain, they are very user-friendly, and they are extremely easy to use for the followspot operator.

The Gold Coast Arts Centre is one of the country’s busiest hosting a wide variety of productions from in-house musicals to comedy acts and many touring shows. Russell reports that the Super Korrigan followspots are a guaranteed hit with the touring crews who continually rave about their brightness.

Standard features of the Super Korrigan include flat field, hot re-strike, a fully closing iris in a removable cassette, a 100% closing dimming shutter (a DMX-dimming shutter is optional), and a six-frame colour changer that incorporates the popular fingertip shutter controls that were first introduced in the Topaze/Manon models. There are two types of colour changers available. The Super Korrigan comes with a boomerang, but there is an optional push/pull, which is the silent-acting, side-mounted colour changer.

The Super Korrigan comes standard with an A-size gobo holder, removable gel frames, frost, lamp access panels with kill switch, modular reflector and condenser lens assemblies, hinged barrel cover for ease of maintenance, and a large ergonomic wraparound handle. The unit is well-balanced and easily moves on the tripod.

Photographed is Alex Fox, GCAC’s head follow spot operator with Russell Jones (wearing glasses).