Robe to Launch New Products at PLASA Show

Posted on Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Robe reports that it plans to launch two “important and unique” new LED products at PLASA 2011 — the ROBIN 1200 LEDWash, and the ROBIN DLX Spot, and previews the upcoming ROBIN ‘Sniper’ — a mega-bright fixture with a super-tight parallel 230mm fat beam.

All of the products are in tune with the company’s ongoing “Think of the Future – Consider Nature” commitment to producing genuinely more sustainable and greener technology.

The mega-bright ROBIN 1200 LEDWash utilizes the same multichip LEDs as the award-winning ROBIN 600 LEDWash and the smaller ROBIN 300 LEDWash, in an intensely bright package featuring 61 LEDs in total, in four concentric rings. It has all advantages of smooth mixing, the true whites and the homogenized light engines of the LEDWash 300 and 600, along with light weight, full functionality, and low power consumption, the company says.

The ROBIN DLX Spot is billed the world’s first LED based spot moving head with an RGBW LED light source. The output — in colors — is higher in intensity than a discharge source 575W unit, but the average power consumption is just 250W. Its optical system produces rich, beautiful colors with no shadows, the company says, and it has a very smooth light output, plus a versatile zoom of 10 – 40 degrees. In physical height and size, it is close to the ROBIN 300/600 Spot/Wash/Beam series.

Previewed will be the ROBIN Sniper. This is a new beam fixture, producing a parallel 230mm fat beam. The fixture uses the same Philips Platinum 35 lamp as the ROBIN MMX Spot, but its output is a 2 million lux at a 5m [16.5′] distance, 5,000 Lux at 100m [328′] or 50 Lux at 1km [3,281′] away. The Sniper, the company says, is truly the next generation of beam lights for use on big stages, at large events, and in venues, stadiums, or open spaces. It replaces the old Xenon lamp-based products with a power consumption of around 2kW, and draws only an expedient 950W if power in total.

Other new products will be Robe’s CityFlex and CityLine 48 LED units, which also use the latest Cree LED chipsets. The CityFlex48 is a powerful customizable unit that can quickly be configured into several different physical formats. The CityLine 48 — is a linear version of the CityFlex, with individually controllable LED pixels — great for mapping effects.

In addition to these new products, Robe’s action packed double-decker stand will show the amazing ROBIN MMX Spot – the first in the new generation of 1200 Series fixtures, together with the award winning ROBIN LEDWash 600, currently Robe’s fastest selling light of all time; plus the ROBIN 600 Pure White, a dedicated white version of the LEDWash 600 and the very handy sized and powered ROBIN 300 LEDWash.

The popular ROBIN 300 and 600 Series’ of discharge source luminaires — featuring Spot, Wash, and Beam versions — will also be prominent, along with Robe’s innovative DT Series of Digital moving projectors.
Australian Distributor: ULA Group